Holtkoetter Arc Lights


The German manufacturer Holtkötter was founded in 1964 by Franz Holtkötter in Bad Waldliesborn, Westphalia. The handcrafted lamps combine excellent light quality with noble workmanship. Great importance is attached to the fulfilment of high demands and the constant new development of innovative lamps. The manufacture of the lights combines craftsmanship tradition with industrial tradition and almost the entire production is accomplished independently. Since decades, Holtkötter has been using its accumulated experience to design its own LED technology developments with particularly high luminous efficacy. This means that some LED modules are used with such a high light output that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The self-developed LED technology also includes the SunLike LED modules, which produce sun-like and particularly eye-friendly, healthy light. In contrast to conventional LEDs, these LEDs have a low blue light spectrum, which considerably reduces the effects of artificial light on the eyes, concentration and biorhythm. These modules are used in the Clea S and Clea T Holtkötter. Some of the Holtkötter lamps use DIM-TO-WARM technology, which changes the light colour to a warmer tone when dimming. Numerous other modern LED technologies are also used in the lamps of this German manufacturer.

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