Foscarini Big Bang Foscarini Big Bang

The Foscarini Big Bang series was designed by Enrico Franzolini as well as Vicente Garcia Jimenez in 2005. This collection comprises two differently sized pendant lamps and one wall/ceiling lamp. Like with an explosion, the differently sized methacrylate plates lying one over the other are apparently arranged at random. Due to this overlapping disposal, a diffuse and dazzle-free light distribution is achieved and a pleasant atmosphere is created. The regular Big Bang (Sospensione) is 96 cm in width making it significantly smaller than the Big Bang XL with its impressive width of 192 cm. All Big Bang pendant lamps come with a canopy out of lacquered metal. The plates consisting of methacrylate are arranged at different levels. You may choose from these plates in white or in red. The Foscarini Big Bang collection is an absolute highlight to every room, no matter whether it is installed singly or in combination.
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