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The Oluce Sonora series includes various pendant lamps in different sizes and materials. The Sonora 438 - 411 is offered in two different sizes. The 438 has a diameter of 38 cm and a height of 19 cm, while the 411 lamp is 25 cm high and 50 cm in diameter. This pendant lamp is made of opal glass. The Sonora 490 is available in three different models: as 490 BI made of opal polymethyl methacrylate, as 490 BC made of lacquered polymethyl methacrylate in black or white or as 490 OR, which is gold-plated on the inside and black or white on the outside. The 493 pendant lamp is also available in various versions, as BI opal or BC lacquered in black or white. Meanwhile the 408 and the 437 are offered. These two latest pendant lights from the series are available in either black or as golden-plated light. All the pendant lights emit direct light downwards, in addition the 438 - 411 (made of opal glass) as well as the 493 and 490 BI versions (made of opal polymethyl methacrylate) also emit a part of their light through the shade into the room. The series was designed by Vico Magistretti in 1976.

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