Serien Lighting Poppy Serien Lighting Poppy

The Serien Lighting Poppy lighting family includes a very extraordinary type of floor, pendant, ceiling, table or wall lights. When the flowers of these lights are "awakened", their shades open very slowly. This "leaves" or lamp shades are made from bimetal and expand when heated. The light arms are flexible pliable, so the lamps from this series can always be reinvented and the lighting direction as well as the appearance can always be changed as desired. The hand-blown glass capsules of the Poppy are available in the colours ceramic, black violet and ruby red. The lamp base is available in painted steel, either in black or cream.
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Serien Lighting Poppy – Your design lighting shop for Serien Lighting Poppy lamps – buy Serien Lighting Poppy lamp-series online at Wunschlicht.


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