Louis Poulsen Patera

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen Patera pendant lamp

The Louis Poulsen Patera is available as a halogen and an LED version. The halogen light is offered with a diameter of 45 or 60 cm. Most of the light is emitted directly downwards by the pendant light. A small part is also directed upwards to the ceiling. In part, light is also diffusely radiated into the room. The cells of the lamp body are arranged in such a way that the light is glare-free. The cable of the lamp has a length of 400 cm and can be shortened if necessary. In addition to the halogen version, the LED version is offered in three sizes as well as two colour temperatures. It is available as DALI dimmable versions. It was designed by Øivind Slaatto in 2016. As an inspiration, the Fibonacci sequence served him, his goal was to create a kind of three-dimensional Sudoku. Each lamp is made by hand.

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Patera Halogen

Louis Poulsen

692,00 €
-2% Prépaiement = 678,00 €
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Patera LED

Louis Poulsen

1 138,00 €
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incl. 19% TVA
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