Marset Mercer Marset Mercer

The Marset Mercer is a collection of lamps by the designers Javier M. Borrás and Joan Gaspar from 2006. The series includes table lamps as well as pendant lamps of various sizes, a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp. The lamps of this series have a body made of one piece of glass and an integrated lamp shade made of cotton, which is either white or natural. There are offered three Mercer table lamps (53 cm, 41 cm and 25 cm high). The pendant lamps are also available in different sizes (with diameters of 20 cm, 30 cm and 44 cm). The wall lamp is made of the same materials as the table and pendant lamps, its wall bracket is made of chromed iron. The canopy of the ceiling lamp is also made of chromed iron.
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  1. Marset Mercer M natural Marset Mercer M natural
    Mercer M


    À partir de 532,00 €
  2. Marset Mercer natural Marset Mercer natural


    À partir de 988,00 €
  3. Marset Mercer 30 natural Marset Mercer 30 natural
    Mercer 30


    À partir de 518,00 €
  4. Marset Mercer 44 natural Marset Mercer 44 natural
    Mercer 44


    À partir de 858,00 €
  5. Marset Mercer A natural Marset Mercer A natural
    Mercer A


    À partir de 428,00 €
  6. Marset Mercer C natural Marset Mercer C natural
    Mercer C


    À partir de 758,00 €

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