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The Vibia Rhythm collection is made up of a whole series of extraordinary pendant lamps with the latest LED technology. All Rhythm Lights come from the pen of the designer Arik Levy and possess an innovative luminaire body from floating polycarbonate rods which carry the LED Strips. Each of these bars revolves around an axis and can be positioned at any desired angle. Thus, for an infinite number of forms of design create: from strictly geometrical over soft waves to chaotic wild. The luminaires are offered by Vibia in shades of dark brown and cream white. You can also choose if you want to order the luminaire with construction canopy or recessed canopy. The lights, however, differ in the construction of their light body: you are Rhythm luminaires with 10, 20, 30 and even 40 bars to choose from. These bars can be horizontal (Rhythm 2110 to Rhythm 2133) or vertically oriented (Rhythm 2140 to Rhythm 2180). You can Rhythm luminaires with 47 cm short rods or with 87 cm long rods choose - or even lamps of which alternate short and long rods. When the lights in a vertical orientation, most luminaires uplight luminaires. The Rhythm in 2170, 2175 and 2180 but have Downlight rods that emit their light down gently. With so many different Rhythm Lights surely you are exactly to find your favorites, the perfect fit for your residential or commercial environment.
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