Catellani & Smith Luna Catellani & Smith Luna

The Catellani & Smith Luna series was designed by Enzo Catellani in 1995 and includes two candle holders, some wall lamps, table lamps as well as one ceiling light. All lights of this series share the metal disc in the centre which is to symbolize the moon. The disc is always available in the surfaces gold or silver plated. Another choice is depending on the lamp copper or white lacquered. A light source is mounted in front of the disc and casts its light on the moon-like disc from where it is softly and diffusely reflected into the room. The two candle holders named Parete and Tavolo differ to a certain degree of other lights that you would expect in our technological world because they are candle holders. one candle is always included. However, if this is used up, it can be replaced by a conventional tea light, without diminshing the impression of the two lights. A drip is not needable, because the candle holder itself completely surrounds the candle.

The wall light 220 is a timeless beauty providing for a great atmosphere both in classic and in modern architecture. Please note that in contrast to the two candle holders of this series, modern halogen technology is used to create light with this light type. As lamps one halogen lamp with a maximum of 48 watts of power is recommended. As the two candle holders, the 220 version has a reflector disc with a diameter of 17 cm.

A tribute to the full moon is to be seen in the Luna Piena Parete and Piena Soffitto. Catellani and Smith created with these two lights two sensuous objects far beyond the function. The discs consist of aluminum and are offered with the diameter being either 80 cm or 120 cm. The three colours silver leaf, gold leaf or copper are available. A flexible light arm at its end is attached to the lights, a reflector with which the disc can be individually illuminated. The Piena Parete is a wall light, the Piena Soffitto a ceiling light. This collection is recently complemented by efficient LED lights of the lamps LED 1, LED 2 and LED Tavolo. Here effective LED lamps are used as light sources, but these LEDs are just as interchangeable as the candles or halogen lamps of other lamps of this series. The LED is a table lamp, the two LED 1 and 2 LED versions are attached to the wall.

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