Dix Heures Dix

Dix Heures Dix

dix heures dix is a French lamp manufacturer that has been developing lamp collections for more than 20 years. Bringing a pleasant, beautiful light into the world is something like the guiding principle of the brand. dix heures dix was founded in 1991 by Fabrice Berrux and describes itself as a French manufactory for decorative mood lighting. Floor lamps with shades made of sensually gathered or pleated fabric, such as the dix heures dix Colonne, dix heures dix Aphrodite or dix heures dix La Ronde perfectly represent the design philosophy and style of the company founder. Three designers (Catherine Grandidier, Fabrice Berrux, Ludovic Roth) ensure that each lamp tells its own story. In close cooperation with the technicians of Dix Heures Dix, smart lighting objects are created in France.

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