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The Vibia Join is a family of two table lamps designer Jordi Vilardell. This small table lamps are at daytime real design objects and are turned on at dusk to wonderful light effects. The smaller of the two lights, the Join 5066, has a diameter of 14 cm and a height of 21 cm. The larger Join 5068 is 34 cm high with a diameter of 20 cm. The Join lights are designed from a glass case in the form of a cylinder, which is aligned with the opening downwards. In this glass cylinder a usual lampshade is included. Typically, such a lampshade mounted on top of a lamp stand. Due to the unusual structure in the Join lights the impression is evoked that the lampshade is floating. The Join lamps emit virtually by itself, thus creating a very wonderful ambience, which convinces not only lighting technology, but also aesthetically.
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